Workshop CAE


Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is a broad usage of computer softwares to solve an engineering case. Due to the limited resources to  perform an experimental work, there are needs to thrust on numerical work in research. CAE plays an important role in validating analytical and experimental works.


The purpose of this 02 day workshop was to introduce modern CAE research tools interactively.

The workshop provided a platform for academicians and faculty members to exchange their research work and personal experiences.

The workshop was  organized by NED University of Engineering & Technology, NUST and Suffa University.

Certificates were awarded to only those participants who attended both days of the workshop.


Dr.-Ing. Syed Mushahid Hussain Hashmi, 
Prof/Chairman, Dept. of Automotive & Marine Engineering , NED UET
Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamcs(CFD) using ANSYS CFX 

Dr.-Ing. Naseem uddin, 
Prof, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering , NED UET
Turbulence Computation

Dr. Muhammad Ali Khan, 
Asstt. Professor, PNEC NUST
Modal Analysis of Mechanical Structures

Mr. M. Mustafa U. Pasha, 
Asstt. Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Eengineering, DHA Suffa University
Analytical validation of FEA simulations in rotordynamics 

Mr. Nasir Hammodi, 
PhD student University of Manchester, UK
Transient thermal analysis of glass bearing TRISO particles composite to determine thermal diffusivity

Dr. Johar K Farooqi, 
Professor and Head of Mechanical Eengineering, 
DHA Suffa University
Modelling strategies in ABAQUS

Dr. Sohaib Zia Khan, 
Asstt. Professor, PNEC NUST
Basic Thermal Analysis in ABAQUS